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University of Tennessee, Knoxville    
  Jul 23, 2017
2011-2012 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Agricultural and Resource Economics

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Delton G. Gerloff, Head
Roland K. Roberts,
Director of Graduate Studies

Cross, T.L. (Dean, UT Extension), PhD - Oregon State
De La Torre Ugarte, D.G., PhD - Oklahoma State
English, B.C., PhD - Iowa State
Gerloff, D.G., PhD - Texas A&M
Jensen, K.L., PhD - Oklahoma State
Park, W.M., PhD - Virginia Tech
Ray, D.E., PhD - Iowa State
Riley, J.B., PhD - Oklahoma State
Roberts, R.K., PhD - Iowa State
Associate Professors
Cho, S.H., PhD - Oregon State
Clark, C.D., PhD - Vanderbilt
Larson, J.A., PhD - Oklahoma State
Tiller, K.H., PhD - Tennessee
Yen, S.T., PhD - Minnesota
Assistant Professors
Hellwinckel, C.M., PhD - Tennessee
Lambert, D.M, PhD - Purdue
Schaffer, H.D., PhD - Tennessee
Velandia, M., PhD - Texas Tech
Wilcox, M.D., PhD - Purdue
Yu, T.H., PhD - Texas A&M
Emeriti Faculty
Garland, C.D., PhD - Tennessee
Klindt, T.H., PhD - Kentucky
McLemore, D.L., PhD - Clemson
Rawls, E.L., PhD - Virginia Tech
Smith, G.F., PhD - Tennessee


Agricultural and Resource Economics MS
  Agribusiness concentration  
  Agricultural Economics concentration  
  Natural Resource Economics concentration  
Agricultural and Resource Economics - Agribusiness  MS-MBA
Natural Resources PhD
     Natural Resource Economics concentration    

Faculty in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics participate in the Department of Economics, Economics PhD major. Students in the Economics PhD program are required to demonstrate competence in at least two fields of specialization in economics by completion of a two-course sequence with a GPA of 3.25 or better in each field, grades of B or better in each field course, and by submission of a satisfactory research paper in one of those fields. Students interested in pursuing doctoral studies in agricultural and resource economics may do so with one of their two fields in Agricultural and Resource Economics (see Department of Economics catalog entry for detailed information). The dissertation research of students within the Economics PhD whose major field is Agricultural and Resource Economics can be supervised by Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics faculty.

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