2009-2010 Graduate Catalog 
    Apr 20, 2018  
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science

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John Scheb, Interim Head
Brandon Prins, Graduate Coordinator

Cunningham, R.B., PhD - Indiana
Fitzgerald, M.R., PhD - Oklahoma
Folz, D.H., PhD - Tennessee
Freeland, P.K., PhD - Wisconsin
Gant, M.M., PhD - Michigan State
Gorman, R., PhD - New York
Houston, D.J., PhD - State University of New York (Binghamton)
Lyons, W., PhD - Oklahoma
Nownes, A.J., PhD - Kansas
Scheb, J.M., PhD - Florida

Stephens, Jr., O.H. (Alumni Distinguished Service Professor), PhD - Johns Hopkins

Tonn, B., PhD - Northwestern
Zhong, Y., PhD - Kentucky
Associate Professors
Prins, B.C., PhD - Michigan State
Assistant Professors
Brule, D.J., PhD - Texas A&M
Down, I., PhD - North Carolina
Hwang, W., PhD - Michigan State
Jepson, E., PhD - Wisconsin
Kelly, N., PhD - North Carolina
Morgan, J.M., PhD - North Carolina




Political Science


Public Administration


The Department of Political Science offers the Master of Arts, Master of Public Administration and Doctor of Philosophy. The department also offers a dual program with the College of Law. Inquiries concerning all programs should be directed to the departmental office.

Three departmental recommendation forms must be submitted to the Department of Political Science, at least two of which must be completed by instructors at the institution most recently attended. In addition, scores on the general portion of the Graduate Record Examination must be submitted.

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