2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
    Jun 23, 2018  
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Landscape Architecture Program

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Gale Fulton, Program Chair

Associate Professors
Fulton, G., MLA – Colorado
Menendez, G.L., MS – Tennessee
Moir-McClean, T.W., MArch – Michigan
Stewart, C.E., MLA – Georgia

Assistant Professors
Collett, B., MLA – Ohio State
Sachs, A., PhD – California (Berkeley)

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Holzman, J., MLA – Louisiana

Landscape Architecture   MALA
Landscape Architecture   MSLA
Landscape Architecture   MLA
   Track 1 (professional degree track)    
  Track 2 (post-professional degree track)    

Mission Statement

The core values of the graduate landscape architecture program at the University of Tennessee are based on a design-centered curriculum that promotes ethical imperatives, critical thinking, and sustainable practices. These values of landscape stewardship are expressed in the cultural, political, and regional realities of designed and naturally occurring landscapes. The program is committed to preparing students for leadership roles in the professional practice of landscape architecture, and in related career paths.

Landscape architecture is an intercollegiate program composed of faculty from the College of Architecture and Design and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

More information on the graduate landscape architecture program, application process, and deadlines is available on the College of Architecture and Design website, under Academic Programs (see link above).

The graduate landscape architecture program offers three degrees: the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA), the Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture (MALA), and the Master of Science in Landscape Architecture (MSLA). The three landscape architecture degree options are distinguished from each other by the number of credit hours required, the focus of study, and the nature of each degree's thesis.

The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) is a design-based professional degree that concludes with a design thesis or advanced design project. The MLA has a first-professional track (MLA-Track 1) that is designed to prepare students as critically-engaged practitioners, and a post-professional track (MLA-Track 2) that provides opportunities for research-oriented studies in areas of speculation and specialization.

The Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture (MALA) and the Master of Science in Landscape Architecture (MSLA) are for students who hold a bachelor's degree, an advanced degree in any field, or a first professional degree in landscape architecture. Students in these degree programs pursue research-oriented studies in landscape architecture with a humanities or science focus respectively, but do not seek to be registered professional practitioners.

Students pursuing the MLA-Track 2, the MALA, or the MSLA will work primarily with faculty members engaged in research, scholarship, and outreach relevant to current issues and opportunities in the field.

Retention in the program is contingent upon evidence of satisfactory progress toward the degree. Individual student progress will be reviewed each semester by the program chair. The Graduate Landscape Architecture Program Committee will review any questions regarding progress.

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