2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Aug 15, 2018  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Major Requirements  

Minor Requirements  


Stanton B. Garner, Jr., Head

Anderson, M.G., PhD – Vanderbilt
Atwill, J.M., PhD – Purdue
Dunn, A.R. (Hodges Teaching Professor), PhD – Washington
Elias, A.J., PhD – Penn State
Garner, Jr., S.B. (Distinguished Humanities Professor), PhD – Princeton
Haddox, T.F., PhD – Vanderbilt
Henry, N.E., PhD – Chicago
Howes, L.L., PhD – Columbia
Jennings, L.D. (Young Professor), PhD – North Carolina
Kallet, M. (Goslee Professor), PhD – Rutgers
Knight, M., MFA – Virginia
Liuzza, R.M., PhD – Yale
Lofaro, M.A. (Young Professor), PhD – Maryland
Maland, C. (Bruce Professor), PhD – Michigan
Papke, M.E., PhD – McGill (Canada)
Smith, A.E., PhD – Houston
Stillman, R.E. (Young Professor), PhD – Pennsylvania
Zomchick, J.P. (Vice Provost), PhD – Columbia

Associate Professors
Billone, A.C., PhD – Princeton
Chiles, K.L., PhD – Northwestern
Coleman, D.D., PhD – Stanford
Dean, M.L., MFA – Michigan
Dzon, M.C., PhD – Toronto (Canada)
Griffin, M., PhD – California (Los Angeles)
Hardwig, W.J., PhD – Florida
Hirschfeld, H.A., PhD – Duke
Hirst, R.K., PhD – Rensselaer Polytechnic
Lee, B.F., PhD – Virginia
Ndigirigi, J., PhD – UCLA
Schoenbach, L.M., PhD – Virginia
Seshagiri, U. (John C. Hodges Teaching Professor), PhD – Illinois
Welch, A.K., PhD – Yale

Assistant Professors
Cohen-Vrignaud, G.G., PhD – Chicago
Commander, M.D., PhD – Southern California
Havens, H., PhD – McGill (Canada)
King, L.M., PhD – Kansas
Ringer, J.M., PhD – New Hampshire
Saenkhum, T., PhD – Arizona State

Distinguished Lecturer
Larsen, W.B., PhD – Tennessee

Senior Lecturers
Barrow, R., PhD – Iowa
Brouwers, M.H., PhD – Western Michigan
Harris, S.C., PhD – Tennessee
Hewitson, J.K., PhD – Toronto (Canada)
Hoffer, L.A., PhD – Penn State
Knox, L.B., MA – Indiana
MacCartey, K.D., PhD – Warwick (UK)
McCue, K., MA – Tennessee
McKinstry, D.K., PhD – Tennessee
Meredith, E.G., MA – Tennessee
Murphy, S.A., PhD – George Washington
Newburn, H.F., PhD – Illinois (Carbondale)
Nicks, R.J.G., PhD – Florida
Pelletier, E.Y., PhD – Toronto (Canada)
Sheffield, C.L., MA – Radford
Spirko, R.L., PhD – North Carolina

Addicott, R.M., PhD – Florida
Akers, H.S., PhD – Georgia
Bannon, B.D., PhD – Western Ontario (Canada)
Braun, W.A., PhD – Louisiana State
Capps, S.E., PhD – Tennessee
Dean, L.M., PhD – Tennessee
Greene, T., PhD – Tennessee
Havens, K.L., PhD – Tennessee
Huth, T., PhD – Kansas
Jarvis, J.E., PhD – Tennessee
MacKenzie, S.H., PhD – Tennessee
Massey, K.L., PhD – Tennessee
Maxwell, K.A., PhD – Cincinnati
Melton, S.E., PhD – Tennessee
Noonan, T.A., PhD – Southern Mississippi
Smith, E.S., PhD – Southern Mississippi
Snellen, A.M., PhD – Tennessee
Tabone, M.A., PhD – Florida (Gainesville)
Turner, S.A., PhD – Virginia
Yost, R., M.A. – Tennessee

Interim Director of Composition
Benson, K.F., EdD – Tennessee

The English major provides students with the ability to analyze and interpret literary and other kinds of texts; to place those texts within historical, theoretical, and aesthetic contexts; to evaluate arguments according to their logical and rhetorical features; and to develop the skills of written and oral communication. While developing these abilities, students are also urged to discover their own critical and artistic voices by gaining proficiency in organizing complex material, addressing multiple audiences, and understanding the medium of language. In the spirit of liberal education, the English major attempts to satisfy society's increasing need for a citizenry skilled in critical thought and communication.

Students planning to teach English in public schools should consult the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences.